Frankie Miller

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Listen to Frankie Miller singing "It took a lot of love"
(from Starday SLP 339 Blackland Farmer)



Frankie Miller was born on the 17th December 1931 in Victoria, Texas. He formed his own country band while he went to college and was soon making regular Saturday afternoon appearances on a local radio station in Victoria. His career progressed when he was featured on Hank Locklinīs  show in Houston.

It was in 1951 that Frankie first went into the recording studios and cut four tracks for Gilt Edge
In 1952 his career was temporarily intrerruped when he was drafted into the US army for two years. After basic training in California he was sent to the front line in Korea where he attained the rank of sergeant and was awarded the bronze star. During his military service he managed to compose some 40 songs.

Back in Texas again he was lucky to be signed to one of the major labels, Columbia. On the 27th July 1954 he entered Jim Beckīs studios in Dallas, Texas, and recorded four tracks. "Hey! where ya goin?" and "Itīs no big thing to me" formed his first release on Columbia but it didnīt sell particularly well. He  recorded a total of 12 songs for Columbia but none of them sold that well and after five releases Columbia dropped him.

Despite the lack of  chart success Frankie continued to make personal appearances and was a regular on the Cowtown Hoedown radio show in Fort Worth. In 1957 he had a single release on the Cowtown Hoedown label.  Miller then signed a recording deal with Manco, which resulted in one release. Then he signed with Starday and recorded the single "Blackland farmer/True blue"  (Starday 424). The record entered Billboardīs Country Charts on the 13th of April 1959 and finally reached #5 and became Millerīs biggest seller. Frankie Miller was voted most promising New country Artist for 1960 by Cash Box Magazine. The follow up single "Family man" reached #7. Only two more releases managed to reach the charts, "Baby rocked her dolly" (1960) and "A little south of Memphis (1964).

In the early sixties, Frankie, who was living in Arlington, Texas, was a member of the cast of the "Louisiana Hayride" in Shreveport, Louisiana and made several guest appearences on Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. He also toured with Pee Wee King, Ferlin Husky and Johnny Cash. He was also a regular on the Big D Jamboree in Dallas. Frankie moved to Nashville but by 1965 he lost interest for the music buiness and moved back to Texas. He started to work with cars. However, he recorded a single for Stop records in 1968 and and also recorded four songs under the direction of Dave Kirby and Hal Bynum in Pete Drakeīs studio in 1979. Those recordings were not released.
Then 1999 he suddenly started to appear again and surprised everyone with a cd on Cowboy Capital Records (The Comback).       





Audio Lab AL 1562
Starday SLP 134 Country Musicīs great new star
Starday SLP 199 The true country style of
Starday SLP 339 Blackland farmer
Bear Family BFX 15082-Hey! where ya goinī?
Bear Family BFX 15128-Rockinī rollinī Frankie Miller

45īs (and 78īs)

Gilt Edge 5051 I donīt know/Iīm gettinī rid of you
Gilt Edge 5052 You just had/I dreamed you were here last night
Gilt Edge 5057 Baby weīre really in love/I canīt run away
Gilt Edge 5060 Iīm only wishinī/I donīt know what to tell my heart
Gilt Edge 5066 I wonīt forget/Iīm so blue I donīt know what to do
Gilt Edge 5073 Iīm still in love with you/Bare foot blues
Hilltop G 15  I canīt run away/I wonīt forget
Columbia 21314 Hey, where ya goinī/Itīs no big thing to me
Columbia 21375 You donīt show me much/Youīre crying on my shoulder again>
Columbia 21420 Paid in full/My wedding song to you
Columbia 21472 What you do from now on/Paint, powder and parfume
Columbia 21519 I donīt now why I love you/Day by day
Cowtown Hoedown 780 Donīt make me miss you/I should be
Manco 1013 Cheatinī anī hidinī/You gotta go go go
Starday 424 Blackland farmer/True blue
Starday 457 Poppinī Johnny/Family man
Starday 481 Money side of life/Reunion
Starday 496 Baby rocked her dolly/Rain rain
Starday 513 Young widow Brown/Strictly nothinī
Starday 525 Two lips away/Out of bounds (with Dottie Sills)
Starday 537 Richest poor boy/Iīll write to you
Starday 550 A little bitīs better/Looking around downtown
Starday 566 Cat and the mouse/Itīs not easy
Starday 577 Picture at St. Helene/Gotta win my baby back
Starday 655 A little south of Memphis/Too hot to handle
Starday 673 15 Acres of peanut land/Out of this world
Starday 691 It took a lot of love/Mean old Greyhound bus
Starday 709 Big talk of the town/I can almost forget
Starday 739 Briging Mary home/Iīm in the Country Musicīs Whoīs Who
Starday 777 Charlieīs got a good thing going/Tough row to hoe
Starday 793 Sheīs my antibiotic in white/Fickle hand of fate
Starday SEP 122 Faded bible/Who do you think/Trust the saviour/Valley of death ī
UA 514 Losing by a hair/I miss her every way
UA 579 One excuse/The partyīs over
Stop 211 Pain/I put the blue in her eyes


Bear Family BCD 15909-Sugar coated baby
Cowboy Capital Records C 931 The comeback